Christmas Emergency Contacts

21 December 2017

Our offices will be closed over the festive period on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th December, and also on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd January. Should you need to get in touch with one of our team in an emergency, they can be contacted on the following numbers: David MacKay: 07799 130 758 Ian Warnock: 07799 130 756 Gloria Lambert: 07827 […]

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Have you ever been hit by a flying Christmas tree while driving?

19 December 2017

Have you ever been hit by a flying Christmas tree while driving? This is just one of the many bizarre insurance claims heard by Britain’s insurance providers.  Here’s our pick of the best: A proud grandfather in Essex claimed for a new laptop after he held up his new baby grandson to show him off to […]

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Commercial Insurance Profile December 2017

13 December 2017

The December Commercial Insurance Pro-File explains how the Paradise Papers leak highlights the necessity to comply with the Criminal Finances Act, provides guidance on how your organisation can prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation and offers advice on how you can avoid a common underinsurance mistake. Click here to download our briefing.

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2016-17 HSE Annual Health and Safety Statistics

8 December 2017

The HSE has released the 2016/17 Annual Statistics Report which show a 4.9% decrease in fatal injuries compared to 2015/16. Whilst slight, this is reflective of the rest of the report’s statistics and demonstrates that workplace health and safety continues to slightly improve, albeit with momentary setbacks. Yet many of the injuries and fatalities that […]

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Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Scorecards

27 November 2017

Claims against directors and officers are becoming increasingly common. The cost of defending a directors and officers (D&O) claim can run well into the six figures, leaving a business financially crippled. To help businesses better understand the level of risk their directors and officers face, MacKay Corporate Insurance Brokers has developed this Directors’ and Officers’ […]

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Commercial Insurance Profile March 2018

The March Commercial Insurance Profile: outlines why your organisation should have neat and tidy documentation for your data processing activities, provides advice on how to protect your directors and […]

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