25 March 2020

At this very challenging time, at MacKay Corporate we are doing everything within our power to continue to service and support our clients.

We continue to be open for business and have been working hard to simplify our points of contact, meaning you can call or email us with certainty that you will receive a swift and meaningful response.  To this end we have a new set of direct dial numbers to get you straight to the person you require.  The new numbers are below together with email addresses.  Please be assured of our assistance at all times.


Ayr  Email Direct Dial
David MacKay d.mackay@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436154
Karen Fitzgerald k.fitzgerald@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436155
Gloria Lambert g.lambert@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436156
Iain Foster i.foster@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436157
Euan MacKay e.mackay@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436158
Yvonne Bulloch y.bulloch@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436159
Yvonne Cunningham y.cunningham@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436160
Mhairi Hunter m.hunter@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436161
Anne Wilson a.wilson@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436162
Alison Miller a.miller@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436163
Marion Kerr m.kerr@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436164
Susan Paterson s.paterson@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436165
David Henryd d.henry@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436166
Andi Roy a.roy@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436167
Duncan Beckwith d.beckwith@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436168
Joanne Hunter j.hunter@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436169
Georgie McMaster g.mcmaster@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436139
Susan Armstrong s.armstrong@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436170
Neil Whiteford n.whiteford@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01292436171


Greenock Email Direct Dial
Barbara McLaughlin b.mclaughlin@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01475601470
Julie Lochhead j.lochhead@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01475601471


Aberdeen Email Direct Dial
Iain Henry i.henry@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01224 009451
Margaret Fraser m.fraser@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01225 009450
Alison Taylor a.taylor@mackaycorporate-brokers.com 01224 009452


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