7 common reasons Cyber-insurance applications are denied

27 June 2022

Unlike other forms of insurance, cyber-liability policies start with a complex application process that can be overwhelming for even the most sophisticated organisations. In fact, companies that go into the application process for cyber-liability insurance without doing their due diligence can see their application for coverage denied altogether. This infographic outlines common reasons cyber-insurance applications […]

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Man-in-the-middle Cyber Attacks explained

20 June 2022

A man-in-the-middle (MITM) cyber-attack refers to a cyber-criminal intercepting a digital interaction or exchange between individuals, systems or an individual and a system. This article provides more information on MITM cyber-attacks, outlines examples of such incidents and offers prevention measures for businesses to consider.

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Commercial Insurance Profile June 2022

14 June 2022

This edition of the Commercial Insurance Profile discusses key figures from the government’s 2022 Cyber Security Breaches Survey. It also provides information to help employers keep workers from suffering heat stress. Click here to download our briefing.

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Cyber-security tips for business travellers

8 June 2022

Business travellers are prime targets for cyber-criminals, as they often carry valuable data and may not always be careful about securing their devices. This article discusses key cyber-security exposures for business travellers and outlines steps employers can take to mitigate these risks. Click here to download our briefing.

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A guide to cyber-risks for Directors and Officers

This guide is designed to help directors and officers — and all of senior leadership within an organisation —plan for and respond to cyber incidents. Click here to download the full briefing. […]

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